Trade Sub-Committee

Trade Sub-Committee


Theultimate goal of the Trade Sub-committee is to contribute to poverty alleviation in Mozambique by integrating trade into national developmentpolicies, harmonizing and coordinating trade- related donor interventions, andenhancing broad-based economic growth by seizing the opportunities oftrade.

The overall objective of the TSC is to establish a consultative working groupthat will:

1. collect and provide information to the donorsparticipating in the IF;
2. analyze and discuss the proposals submittedto the IF in order to consolidate the donors’ positions within the Local ProjectApproval Committee (LPAC)
3. provide trade-related information to thePrivate Sector Working Group (PSWG).

TheTSC is comprised of donor institutions currently participating in theIntegrated Framework (see full terms ofreferencefor additional details). Membership isopen to any donor institution, whether multilateral, bilateral, or non-profitorganization, working on trade issues in Mozambique. Institutions wishing tobecome members of the Trade Sub-committee must present an application to thecommittee’s Chair, who will submit it to the committee’s members forconsideration and approval/rejection.

The Trade sub-committee shall be chaired by the IFFacilitator/Lead Donor, as defined by the IF Manual. The Trade sub-committeemembers shall select one Deputy-Chairperson from any of the remaining memberinstitutions to assist the Chairperson in the conduction ofbusiness. The Chairperson,assisted by the Deputy-Chairpersons shall inform the members of meetings atleast one week in advance of the scheduled date and shall distribute the agendafor the meeting and documents for revision, when applicable.


Trade Sub-Committee Minutes

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