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TIPMOZ Overview

TIPMOZ Overview

USAID/Mozambique provided technical and financial assistance under the Trade and Investment Program (TIP), which supported the creation of supportive enabling environment as well as with trade and economic policy reform, and the Northern Mozambique Tourism Project (NMTP), which promoted Mozambique as a tourism destination, assists in increasing tourists Mozambique, assisted in attracting increased investment in the tourism sector and assisted in preserving Mozambique’s environmental assets. Both projects ended in 2010.

Outputs of these projects are contained on this site, as well as background information related to trade, economics, tourism and the business environment in Mozambique.

USAID developed and launched in 2010 the Support Program for Economic and Enterprise Development (SPEED) to help Mozambique overcome major obstacles to trade and investment, with an emphasis on agriculture, tourism, and access to finance. The SPEED Team is working with the government and the private sector to strengthen private sector participation in the policy process, identify strategic priorities for reform, build a consensus for these reforms, and then move forward on adopting the reforms and ensuring effective implementation throughout the country.

You can follow activities of SPPED by visiting the SPEED Project website.

You can find various reports and background material by visiting the project focus areas page.

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