Private Sector Working Group

Private Sector Working Group

Private Sector Working Group

The Private Sector Working Group (PSWG) is a forum of dialogue among donors, government, private sector operators and civil society to jointly gather, analyze, discuss and prioritize, follow-up and monitor policy- related issues pertaining private sector activities in Mozambique directed towards joint recommendations for actions to be taken to improve effectiveness and efficiency of all stakeholders' actions related to the exercise of private sector activities.

Specific objectives

1. To analyze and comment on government proposals for legal changes with direct effect on private sector issues. Particular areas of interest of the group surround the Investment Climate and include (but are not restricted) to: labor issues; commercial regulation; regulations for the creation of new companies; regulations regarding inspections of existing companies; telecommunications issues; energy; banking services; trade issues; government delays in payments; privatization of public enterprises and properties; government monopolies; social security; land issues; HIV/AIDS; and gender.

2. To suggest and recommend changes in current legal system to improve the quality of the business environment.

3. To identify specific constraints affecting private sector activities in the country and to propose solutions.

4. To receive, analyze and consider actions to be taken regarding specific claims from private sector operators and its representatives that might contribute to improve the overall situation of the private enterprises.

5. To pay special attention to the concerns, constraints and obstacles related to the Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs).

6. To pay special attention to the concerns, constraints and obstacles related to private sector operations in remote areas of the country.

7. To prioritize specific actions to be taken related to private sector activities that have the highest impact in poverty alleviation and contribution of the PARPA goals.

8. To participate in key events as a focal point for the Business Environment area of work.

9. To influence all constituencies related to private sector activities in Mozambique of the importance of prioritizing actions in the local and international companies regarding the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

10. To incorporate a gender perspective in all actions recommended by the group in order to contribute to the empowerment of women within in the business sector

Below you will find links to the Minutes and materials presented at the Private Sector Working Group meetings, minutes for the Trade Sub-Committee of the PSWG, and the PSWG terms of reference.


PSWG Minutes and Materials

Trade Sub-Committee


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