Increasing Investment

Attracting Investors

A key component of the project has been planning for the type and breadth of quality investments and developments that will occur. In 2006, experts came from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. to create a Destination Management Plan that provides an assessment of the current state of tourism and then focuses on the potential for development in each district. Product Development and Marketing trainings were also provided in all three provinces of Arco Norte for owners and managers of private sector tourism businesses as well as members of the provincial tourism departments.

The project also hired an international expert to create a Conceptual Landuse Plan and Framework for Tourism Investment, which creates guidelines for development and investment in each region of the country. The plan focuses on each community and highlights specific pieces of land that could be developed and how they could be developed to take best advantage of the land and have least environmental impact.

After developing the Destination Management Plan and successfully preparing tour circuits, the project will meet directly with investors to show them the area and promote investment that is in line with the project brand and values. This will insure investment that is respectful of the environment and local people and traditions.

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