In this section, you will find background documents on corruption in Mozambique.
On 31st August, in Beira, Mozambique, ACIS (Sofala Commercial and Industrial Association) will launch a Toolkit as the culmination of the association’s “Combating Business Participation in Corruption in Mozambique” project. Copies of the toolkit are attached to this email.

The Toolkit serves as an important contribution to the fight against corruption in Mozambique. The tools are useful not only for companies but for any organization that employs people or procures goods and services. The Toolkit contains the following:
• Information on using existing legal means to combat corruption
• Useful contacts
• Code of Ethics for Employees
• Code of Ethics for Suppliers
• Code of Business Principles
• Case Studies for Training and Discussion
• Anti-corruption law in English and Portuguese, with comments
• National anti-corruption strategy in English and Portuguese
• Discussion documents and reports resulting from ACIS’ 12 month project and surveys of companies throughout Mozambique.

ACIS identified corruption as one of the principal problems faced by its member companies and consequently economic development in Mozambique. In partnership with the Center for International Private Enterprise ACIS embarked on a 12 month project to develop a better understanding of corruption and to find ways that the private sector can actively combat the problem.

ACIS takes this opportunity to note that the opinions given in the discussion documents developed as part of the project are not necessarily those of the association or its individual members. This project reflects the desire of the private sector in Sofala to prove itself a transparent and candid interlocutor on the subject. ACIS strongly believes that in demanding that the government fight corruption and in holding the government to its strategy, the private sector must prove that it too is prepared to commit to that fight.

All documentation related to the project is available on CD ROM, to download off the internet and in hard copy on request. Tools are copyright free. ACIS requests that anyone that uses them sends comments and suggestions for their improvement to the association. Though the project is over the time for discussion and action is not and ACIS looks forward to working with companies and other organizations to implement strategies to combat corruption.


ACIS Combating Corruption Report

Evaluation of Corruption in Mozambique (MSI Corruption Report)

ACIS Combating Corruption Toolkit (English)

ACIS Combating Corruption Toolkit (Portuguese)

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