Access to Land

Access to Land

The management of land resources and legal arrangements concerning land tenure have been a matter of heated dispute among Mozambican policy-makers and external agencies over the past decade. The positions taken by many participants have been strongly influenced by circumstances and developments elsewhere in Southern Africa – notably Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Even so, much of the argument has paid little attention to actual conditions in Mozambique, in large part because of the lack of systematic data relevant to a proper understanding of land management. One major goal of this chapter has been the compilation and analysis of data on the demand for and supply of land for agricultural use in order to provide a firmer empirical basis for future discussion.

The following reports present various viewpoints on the land issue in Mozambique.


Land Debate in Mozambique (Hanlon, Oxfam 2002)

Rural Land Issues and Policies (World Bank, Hughes, Feb 2005)

Land Tenure Services (Chemonics for Mozambique MCC Compact, August 2006)

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