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Strategy to Improve Mozambique's Ranking

The Mozambican government has firmed up its commitment to improving the country’s Doing Business rankings and the overall business enabling environment for private sector growth. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC) has been leading the way pledging that Mozambique will move up 50 places in the Doing Business rankings. The TIP Project, and subsequently the SPEED project, has been providing assistance to Mozambique in improving its Doing Business Rankings. We have undertaken in-depth analysis and provided reform recommendations relating to various Doing Business indicators: Dealing with Construction Permits; Registering Property; Paying Taxes; Trading Across Borders; Enforcing Contracts; Closing a Business; Starting a Business; Getting Credit; and Protecting Workers and Employing Workers. We have provided recommendations for the near term and longer term. And we outline guiding principles that should be taken into account in when designing and implementing reforms so that they are effective in increasing Mozambique’s Doing Business rankings and more importantly improving the enabling environment for private sector growth.

In this section, you can find various reports the TIP and SPEED Projects have produced related to improving Mozambique’s Doing Business Ranking.

Links to documents related to improving Mozambique's Doing Business Ranking

Below you will find various reports produced by the TIP and SPEED projects, as well as other related documentation, related to improving Mozambique's Doing Business Ranking.

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