8 July 2009


1. PSWG Chair Rotation
Todd Amani, USAID

2. Presentation of the 2008 Investment Climate Assessment (ICA)
Mazen Bouri, World Bank

3. 2006 Enterprise Survey (CEMPRE)
Camilo Amade, INE

4. Evaluation of PARPA II – Impact of Tax Policy
Bruce Bolnick, Nathan Associates

5. Evaluation of PARPA II – Assessment of the Private Sector Indicators
Ken Gunn and Gerry Marketos, Cimpogest

6. Industrial Property: challenge and perspectives
Fernando dos Santos, MIC, Industrial Property Institute (IPI)

7. Briefing on the USAID’s New Agribusiness Program (AGRIFUTURO)

 CTA’s South CASP
 Workshop on Tax Incentive Impact on Investments
 Briefing from the focal points
 Next PSWG Meeting - August 5, 2009


Meeting Minutes


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