12 May 2009


1. Comments on the Meeting with Minister of Industry and Commerce
Todd Amani, USAID
Domingas Muchine, MIC
Orlando da Conceição, CTA

2. Briefing on 4th CASP Center and CTA Meeting w/ Prime-Minister
Nelson Jeque, CTA

3. Briefing on the 2009 Joint Review
Nelson Guilaze, USAID

4. 2009 Policy Priorities: MIC, CTA & PSWG
Nelson Guilaze, USAID

5. Industrial Property: challenge and perspectives
Fernando dos Santos, Industrial Property Institute (IPI)

6. Briefing on PARPA evaluation process: private sector studies
Brendon Kelly, MPD

7. PSWG Chair Rotation
Todd Amani, USAID

8. Briefing from the focal points in other working groups

 CTA update on upcoming events
 Next PSWG Meeting


Meeting Minutes


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