07 July 2011

Private Sector Working Group (PSWG) Minutes

Date: 7 July 2011
Hour: 8:00 to 10:15
Place: Royal Norwegian Embassy, Av. Julius Nyerere, 1162

Present: See list of participants (below)


  • Critical view of PARP Matrix – Objective 2, Employment Promotion
  • Revision of the PSWG Tor – Status and the way forward
  • CTA new strategic vision
  • Promotion of Employment in Gaza Province, approaches & challenges
  • AOB

Jon-Åge Øyslebø welcomed everyone to the first regular PSWG meeting under the Norwegian presidency.

The themes discussed were as follows and in the following order:

CTA new strategic vision

1. The Chair informed everyone that the meeting would start with point number 3 of the agenda.

2. Mr. Rogério Manuel, the new elected CTA President, (on 16 June 2011) gave an explanation on the new action plan for poverty reduction. He stressed the need for the dialogue between GoM, partners and the civil society.

3. Mr. Manuel gave a presentation of the new strategic vision of CTA and informed about:

  • 3.1. elections held at CTA and the names of the new elected members
  • 3.2. public/private dialogue
  • 3.3. business atmosphere (“doing business”)
  • 3.4. the desire to continue with the meetings with the Prime Minister and President of the Republic every six and twelve months respectively, in order to improve business in Mozambique
  • 3.5. interaction between GoM and the private sector
  • 3.6. support request for the Centro de Arbitragem for another year still
  • 3.7. bring the informal sector into the formal sector
  • 3.8. work together with youngsters’ associations and with women
  • 3.9. strengthen ongoing partnerships and improve new foreign investment (the main goal of CTA)
  • 3.10. safeguard the foreign investor
  • 3.11. work with GoM in the regard of safeguarding foreign investment into the country
  • 3.12. Need of foreign support, expertise on technical level and requested continued support from USAID and other partners
  • 3.13. private public investment is high on CTA’s agenda.

Jon-Åge Øyslebø thanked Mr. Manuel’s presence in the group and for his presentation.

Critical view of PARP Matrix – Objective 2, employment promotion

1. Jon-Åge Øyslebø informed that there will be a joint steering committee meeting next week, where it’s aimed to finalize the PARPA work.

2. Presentation and comments by both Scott Simons and António Franco from SPEED.

Promotion of Employment in Gaza Province, approaches and challenges

1. Mr. António Macamo from CPI (Centro de Promoção de Investimentos)
gave a presentation on promotion of employment in the Gaza Province, approaches CPI would like to take and challenges to be faced.

2. Mr. Macamo explained the Agência de Promoção de Investimento em Gaza – Desenvolvimento Económico local na Província de Gaza, and its objectives.

3. He also explained about the ADELs (Agências de Promoção de Desenvolvimento Económico Local) and their work in the various Provinces of the country, now also in the Gaza Province.

4. Mr. Macamo informed that due to the lack of the existence of an institution to coordinate the planning and investment facilitators in the province, to define the main constraints and to come up with suggestions to reduce poverty in the Province, APDG was created, which is a public-private partnership.

5. Mr. Macamo also informed about already established initiatives and the ones on the way to be established in different areas such as agriculture, tourism, training, and support to local entrepreneurs.

6. Finally Mr. Macamo spoke about the main financial constraints and the limited human capacity to fulfill the requirements needed to improve the various projects in that Province.

Revision of the PSWG ToR – status and the way forward

Jon-Åge Øyslebø informed that the discussion on ToR which would be presented by Dario Milano, would move on to the next meeting, due to lack of time.

Any other Business

Jon-Åge Øyslebø suggested, at the begining of the meeting, that A.O.B. would be the discussion on aid for trade.

Comments were made by Myriam Sekkat on the current situation prior to the consultation from Genebra.

Jon-Åge Øyslebø thanked all for their attendance.

The next meeting was scheduled for the 25th of August 2011.

PSWG Meeting Handouts

In the .zip file below, you will find items distributed at the 07 July PSWG meeting (meeting minutes, presentations, reports and participant list).

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